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Our Mission

We envision a transformative shift in the Container Owner Industry, as we predict that asset tokenization via blockchain technology will revolutionize the sector in the coming decade. Our mission is to facilitate this transition by offering container owners the necessary support. As a result, we have elected to develop a specialized platform for this industry.

This platform will enable each individual container to be represented as a unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the blockchain, thereby allowing every container NFT to autonomously interact with smart contracts, effectively automating standard tasks. Each NFT will encapsulate a plethora of container-specific information, contracts, connections with other NFTs, and funds for conducting transactions. Consequently, each container will function as a self-sufficient smart wallet and can be perceived as an independent entity.

We aim to offer a Platform as a Service (PaaS), where container owners can create their NFTs and designate the smart contracts their containers will interact with. Each interaction between an NFT and a smart contract will incur a fee, which will be automatically deducted from the NFT in the form of microtransactions. This fee, consistent in USD value, will be transacted in our platform’s proprietary cryptocurrency.

Moreover, each container will be furnished with an NCF chip to bridge the physical container with its digital counterpart, i.e., the NFT, on the blockchain. This digital twin provides indisputable proof of authenticity, proof of ownership or possession, and proof of movement, solidifying the connection between the tangible asset and its blockchain representation.

Container Market

The Container Shipping Industry stands as one of the largest, most complex, yet highly standardized sectors in the world. Each container’s operation adheres to very a similar set of rules all over the world, making it a model of efficiency and reliability.

In the Shipping industry, every move, location, and state of each container is digitally documented and timestamped using a uniform, global set of standards and transmitted through EDI to the relevant parties.

This wealth of standardized and digitally available data has propelled the Container Industry to the forefront as a prime candidate for cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptography. This technology brings value not only to the Shipping Industry but also to other sectors such as the Insurance and Forwarding Industry.

The top 20 Container Shipping and Leasing Companies are the key players in this industry, collectively owning, operating, and controlling nearly 90% of all containers worldwide. While estimating the precise number of shipping containers in service today is challenging, we can confidently state that these top 20 container owners possess approximately 50 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) in total. The value of these containers is estimated to exceed a staggering $100 billion USD.

With such a vast presence and importance in global trade, the Container Shipping Industry continuously embraces innovation and emerging technologies to enhance its operations. The industry’s commitment to standardized practices and digital documentation has laid our foundation for exploring the potential of Crypto technology. The integration of crypto and blockchain solutions can revolutionize container ownership, transactions, and logistics, further streamlining processes, improving security, and creating new opportunities for financing and investment.

As we navigate the dynamic world of global trade, the Container Shipping Industry remains at the forefront of innovation, leveraging standardized operations, digital advancements, and the potential of Crypto technology.

The Platform

CT Container, is building a powerful platform that revolutionizes the way container owners manage their assets. Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution provides container owners with comprehensive blockchain, NFTs, and smart contract services, empowering them with enhanced control, efficiency, and revenue opportunities.
On our platform, container owners can effortlessly create their Container NFTs. These NFTs serve as a digital twin, housing all relevant information such as lease contracts, depot agreements, repair agreements, container specifications, and even the ability to store funds for automated payment processing directly from the NFT itself.
Containers that share similar underlying agreements and contracts can be conveniently grouped and uploaded as bundles. This allows container owners to manage their assets efficiently and simplify the management of associated agreements.

The platform offers a curated selection of open-source smart contracts that can be seamlessly integrated with Container NFTs. These smart contracts have been carefully audited and vetted, ensuring reliability and security for all users. Container owners can select the smart contracts that best align with their needs and link them to their respective NFTs, automating various aspects of container operations.

Container owners with specific requirements can create their own custom smart contracts or collaborate with CT Container to design and develop smart contracts tailored to your needs. All individually created smart contracts undergo a thorough audit to ensure compliance and security.

We recognize the value of innovative smart contracts, and we want to reward their creators. While creators can use their smart contracts for free, other platform users who choose to utilize these contracts will pay a small monthly fee. The fee structure is flexible and dependent on the size of the users‘ container fleet. The revenue generated will be split between CT Container and the creator, fostering a collaborative ecosystem and rewarding creators for their contributions.

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