CT Container

We Tokenize the World Container Fleet

Our platform uses Blockchain, NFT and Smart Contract Technology to enable individual Shipping Containers to autonomously carry out 80% of their financial and operational tasks.

What is the Problem?

Imagine a container rented by a lessee is being used worldwide, but they are in devault of payment. The lessor doesn’t know where its unit is or how to get it back, and the debt keeps growing every day. Today, lessors face a tough task enforcing their rights, because they have no control of their assets.

Now, imagine a future where each container has a digital twin with a digital wallet. If funds of the wallet fall short, the Lessor gets notified instantly giving him immediate, actionable information. The Lessor can call the customer right away, has proof of process, can proof ownership to any depot or terminal, can digitally ground the containers and will know where the unit is at the next checkpoint to reclaim it if neccessary. Now, Lessors have full digital control over their assets – per individual container.

This is just one of the ways we streamile container operations – in this case for Lessors.

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