CT Container

We Tokenize the World Container Fleet

The Platform

CT Container is building a powerful platform that revolutionizes the way container owners manage their assets. Our platform-as-a-service solution provides container owners with comprehensive blockchain, NFTs, and smart contract services, empowering them with enhanced control, efficiency, and revenue opportunities.

On our platform, container owners can effortlessly create their container NFTs. These NFTs serve as a digital twin, housing all relevant information such as lease contracts, depot agreements, repair agreements, container specifications, and even the ability to store funds for automated payment processing directly from the NFT itself.

Containers that share similar underlying agreements and contracts can be conveniently grouped and uploaded as bundles. This allows container owners to manage their assets efficiently and simplify the management of associated agreements.

The platform offers a curated selection of open-source smart contracts that can be seamlessly integrated with container NFTs. These smart contracts have been carefully audited and vetted, ensuring reliability and security for all users. Container owners can select the smart contracts that best align with their needs and link them to their respective NFTs, automating various aspects of container operations. Container owners with specific requirements can create their own custom smart contracts or collaborate with CT Container to design and develop smart contracts tailored to their needs. All individually created smart contracts undergo a thorough audit to ensure compliance and security.

We recognize the value of innovative smart contracts, and we want to reward their creators. While creators can use their smart contracts for free, other platform users who choose to utilize these contracts will pay a small monthly fee. The fee structure is flexible and dependent on the size of the users‘ container fleet. The revenue generated will be split between CT Container and the creator, fostering a collaborative ecosystem and rewarding creators for their contributions.

For demonstration purposes, below is an example of our container NFT’s.

1.) Master NFT and the underlying contractual conditions under a lease contract.

2.) Nested Token: Funds that are bonded to the NFT and can be used for payments.

3.) Nested NFT: A second, salve container NFT that is bonded to the master container NFT.

4.) Timelocks: The length of time that the funds mentioned in item 2 are locked to this container.

5.) Attributes: The attributes of the underlying real asset.

What do we want to achieve?

CT Container aims to create a platform that uses blockchain technology to enable shipping containers to autonomously carry out 80% of their standard operational tasks.

How we envision using Blockchain & Co.

CT Container plans to represent each individual container as an NFT on the blockchain. Each NFT will have it’s own wallet (like its own bank account) and will interact directly and autonomously with smart contracts to carry out standardized tasks.

How Container Owners will benefit

CT Container will provide container owners a decentralized, open platform to create and use blockchain technology, NFT and smart contract services that result in enhanced control, higher efficiency, human error reduction, elevated trust and revenue opportunities for managing container assets.

The significance of NFT's in Container Shipping

NFTs provide unique digital twins of containers on the blockchain embedded with their information and contracts. They enable secure management of funds, facilitate secure and cheap transfer of funds, and are the hub for a container to act and move freely and efficiently in the digital space.

Which Problems are solved?

Our solutions leverage smart contracts and NFTs to transform and fully digitize container management. Through automation and secure fund management, we streamline ownership transfers and payment processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We create immutable digital twins by connecting physical containers to digital platforms. We unlock new opportunities for trading, leasing, and container operation in general and add value to containers. Additionally, our solutions ensure secure data sharing, collaboration, and foster innovation in the shipping industry. With our platform, we make an offer to container owners to a new way to operate and handle containers, paving the way to an area of truly smart containers, unparalleled efficiency, and new business models. For detailed information, go to: Problems Solved

The Focus is on the Container Operation

There are many companies that focus on freight related tasks and container tracking. The operation of the container itself often is neglected and except for a few experts it lives in the shadows. CT Container want to offer solutions to this niche, but yet enormous market.

The Native Token

CT Container’s native token is used as the platform’s fuel for interactions between NFTs and smart contracts. It is a pure utility token. Each interaction incurs a cost of USD 0.1 in native tokens, ensuring predictable costs irrespective of token price fluctuations.

Master NFT and NFC Tags

Among other things, CT Container’s NFT technology allows for an unlimited number of NFTs within a single master NFT and it can securely store contractual and operational information. Each NFT is connected to and NFC tag to bridge the real world asset to the digital, blockchain world. It facilitates advanced functionality, streamlined processes, and new avenues for value creation in the container industry.

Fixed Value Interaction

Each interaction with a smart contract triggers a payment of USD 0.1 worth of the native token. This fixed value ensures that container owners have a predictable cost for utilizing smart contract services, regardless of any potential volatility in token prices.

Token Tickle Back

For every interaction between an NFT and a smart contract, 1/100 of the native token on the NFT will be transferred back to CT Container. The tokens that trickle back to CT Container from the interactions with smart contracts will be allocated to provide extra liquidity in liquidity pools, with 80% of the tokens being used for this purpose. The remaining 20% of the tokens will be allocated to development and marketing efforts, supporting ongoing improvements and promoting the platform’s growth.


NFT Charging

Container owners are required to charge their NFTs with the equivalent value of USD 10 in the native token to engage with smart contracts. This ensures that the NFTs have the necessary funds to carry out transactions within the platform.

Purchasing Token

Container owners can acquire the native token from the public market to charge their NFTs. This enables their active participation in the ecosystem and utilization of the smart contract services. The tokens can be purchased at prevailing market prices.

One specific real Unit is the same specific digital Unit

Every real world container will be equipped with an inexpensive NFC tag. An NFC tag is a small electronic device that can store and transmit information wirelessly, often used for contactless payments or data transfer between devices. Our NFC tags are encrypted, tamper proof and secure and serve the purpose to bridge the real world Container to the Blockchain enabling instant confirmation and proof of ownership and authenticity.

The Process from "real" to "digital" Asset

When dealing with digital assets to represent real-world assets, it is crucial to ensure that the „on-chain“ or digital twin data matches the „off-chain“ or real-world data at all times. For example, if the status of a container changes from „damaged“ to „available“ in the real world, this change must be accurately and promptly reflected in the on-chain or digital twin data. Furthermore, it is essential that the transparency of this information is such that all relevant parties can trust the transfer of „off chain“ to „on chain“ information. Certain companies specialize in addressing this very challenge: How can we effectively bring off-chain data onto the blockchain in a manner that gains consensus among all parties interacting with this data? These companies are known as Oracles. CT Container will identify and collaborate closely with such Oracles.


The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry demonstrates lighning fast innovation and operates at an exceedingly rapid pace. As of now, we haven’t encountered any other company dedicated to offering container operation solutions for the container owner industry. Consequently, we are pioneers in this particular domain. Nonetheless, we expect the entry of additional participants into this huge market within the next decade, as shipping containers undergo tokenization. Whether the solution for tokenization emerges from our company, similar entities, shipping/leasing companies, or other organizations remains uncertain. However, what remains indisputable is that we are the first movers, and we are determined to swing for the fences.